Samsung Galaxy J7 VS Oppo F1 plus, Which One you Prefer?

Samsung Galaxy J7 VS Oppo F1 plus, Which One you Prefer?

Running short of time in deciding which mobile phone to prefer? You want to buy a phone urgently and got confused between two phones. Oppo F1 plus and Samsung Galaxy J7 are running very popular. Youngsters are purchasing them in equal quantity. Everybody is brand conscious. In such situation, choosing the best brand among two becomes a hard decision at times.

Galaxy J7-vs-oppo-f1

Mobile Industry has developed a lot. We have many options if we wish to choose a mobile phone out of many. The most running and popular mobile phones are Oppo F1 plus and Samsung Galaxy J7. Let us compare both the phones in terms of durability, accessibility, looks and battery etc.

Comparison between Oppo F1 plus and Samsung Galaxy J7


  • Both the companies have tried to satisfy the customer’s demand by providing the demanded features. Front flash is one of them. Samsung is the first brand that offered front flash in its new phone Galaxy J7. Let us compare Oppo F1 plus and Samsung Galaxy J7 on technical terms:
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 is VOLTE enabled. This enables you to use JIO Reliance SIM if you want to use. This feature is not available in all the new mobile phones coming in the market. You can this in order to make calls over 4G network.
  • As already discussed, Samsung Galaxy J7 has a feature of front flash which makes it different from all other mobile phones. This feature makes you to click your photo easily in low lights.
  • In comparison to Oppo F1 plus, Samsung Galaxy J7 has more than 5% more battery capacity. It is seen that with more battery size, device’s battery can last longer (although it depends upon other factors too). It has a removable battery too. You can remove the battery and switch off the phone, in emergency.
  • Oppo F1 plus is 16% slimmer than Samsung Galaxy J7. This makes this device popular because it is easy to carry and fits conveniently in pockets. It looks more fashionable and decent.
  • Also, being 14% lighter in weight than Samsung Galaxy J7, you can hold it in your arms for long time without any stress or pain.
  • Oppo F1 plus has 300% more inbuilt memory when compared to Galaxy J7. Having this much of more memory space, it is easy to store more songs, videos, data, photos and install number of applications.

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