Quick steps to follow when your Android Phone is Stolen

Quick steps to follow when your Android Phone is Stolen

I guess, it is hard to imagine a second without your android phone. This phone works as a photo album, Wikipedia, runs Google, takes pictures, creates memories, and stores million of data. In simple words, it is a device used for multiple uses. It is the most convenient and affordable gadget that ranges differently according to the need of the people.

In case, such useful gadget is lost. I mean, you lose your android phone somewhere.  May be while shopping, or leaving a restaurant and forgetting the phone there. Imagine, being in metro, say you are travelling and after some moment, you realise that your phone is missing. You have lost it somewhere.


To know what to do in such a situation, read the article further. Follow the below mentioned steps that will help you recover your lost phone.

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1. First, buzz your own number with some different phone numbers. Some saved contacts and some unsaved contacts will work. It might be that your phone is actually not stolen but you left it somewhere. A good soul may be around who will tell you the place where you left your phone. Try your luck.

2. In case, you feel that you did not leave your phone anywhere. Rather, someone has stolen it. Then you need to follow a different path. After calling your own phone, in case nobody picks the call, this is the time to search for your phone in a different way.

3. Try to track your mobile phone with the Android Device Manager. Access ADM with the Google‘s web portal. The map would be indicating the last known position of your device. Locate your mobile phone on the phone, and know the exact location of your phone. This will let you know where the actual phone is.

4. If the position is odd, and you have never been to that place. Then you have to seek help from someone else.

5. Deactivate your phone with your wireless provider. This is done to prevent the thief using your personal data and charging your bills.

Make sure, you file a police report also. It is better to inform them. If in case, your phone is used for some terrorist activity, you will not be doubted afterwards.

Inform your friends, family, and relatives of the theft. This will help you locating your phone more easily.

Follow the steps that are being mentioned. This will surely help you regain your stolen phone. be careful and a bit clever.


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