How to fix a Phone Charging Problem?

How to fix a Phone Charging Problem?

Are you facing problem in charging your phone?

We have solution for you!!

We always come across the people, who are facing such problems. Sometimes we also encounter these problems. We all must be aware, what role our phones plays in our life. There is no wrong in saying- it is our basic necessity. So, when people find any problem in their phone- they panic and get restless.

But you don’t need to worry at all!!

Here in this article I have mentioned some of the easy steps, which you can use to fix the charging problems of Smart phones.

Fix USB port by yourself

The most easiest and successful solution to fix the problem is by checking metallic surfaces inside the USB port, whether it is making good contact or not. This may happen due to either manufacturing defect or because of the continual plugging and unplugging of the charging cable.

You don’t need to panic, just shut down your phone, and take out your battery. Further use something small like thin needle or toothpick to and adjust little tab inside the USB port carefully.

Switch cables

The most delicate part of the charger is its cable. It breaks due to forced strain. It may be one of the reasons that your phone is not charging. So you replace your charging USB with new one.


Diagnose if you’re using low-quality adapter

If you’re facing problem in charging, it is may be your wall plug adapter. We have seen many cases, where the USB port becomes a little loose after endlessly plugging in and unplugging the cable. So you need diagnose that your charging adapter is compatible to the USB or not.

Replace the battery

Battery life of the phone doesn’t last long, and after the couple of years, the charging potential starts deteriorating. If you’re phone battery is older than two years, you need to replace them with new one. You can easily detect the defective batteries, as they start bulging or leak out.

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Charge from the right source

You should always prefer to charge your phone through a wall socket, rather than charging via PC or laptop, because computers’ USB ports are not powerful source of electricity. It has been scientifically proved that a wall socket can deliver twice as much power as a USB port, and good quality chargers can give as much as five times the power.

You should also check, whether your charger is compatible to your device or not.
fix-phone-charging-mobileSwitch it off

When you use battery-intensive apps/features on your phone while charging, it will have ill effect on your device and it will also slow down the charging potential. So make sure to either you switch off your device or set it on Airplane mode. Your device too needs power nap!!

Hope this article is helpful to you and now you will able to find out the exact problems and can use the above solutions accordingly. Stay tuned with us, we will back with another technical tricks for you.