Top Mobile Repairing Tips

Top mobile repairing tips

Top Mobile Repairing Tips


When learning mobile telephone repairing or cell phone repairing, it is critical to begin with fundamental and Simple Bar-Type mobile telephone, for example, – Nokia 1100, Nokia 3310 and other most famous brands and models.

This will set up the base for learning mobile telephone repairing. Until and except if you realize how to fix fundamental models, for example, Nokia 1100 or Nokia 3310, you will NEVER have the option to learn mobile telephone repairing or you will never be impeccable.

Take confirmation in a peruted and believed mobile repairing preparing institute. You can never learn mobile telephone repairing without anyone else. It might look basic and simple and you may likewise have the option to do some simple repairing yourself by perusing or viewing on the web recordings yet you will never be flawless or a expert. Attempt to do some haggling and get some markdown on the affirmation expense. You can choose Hitech institute if you want to learn from experienced faculties Hitech institute is famous as the leader of mobile repairing training industry. The learning environment that Hitech institute provides is really productive and helps trainees to understand the repairing concepts. We are going to share today some tricks that will help you to get the best of utilization of your smartphone:

Install Files by Google to best utilization of storage

Google’s record the executives application is extraordinary. It not just investigations your telephone for unused records and applications, yet additionally lets you effectively move documents. The application has a moderate plan with two tabs: Storage and Files. From the Storage tab, you get a diagram of the measure of capacity you have left on your telephone, just as tips on the most proficient method to free up space. You’ll additionally have the option to effectively clear applications’ stored information from inside Files.

Disable bloatware and unused apps

Most telephones beside the Pixels and Android One gadgets accompany some type of bloatware. Fortunately, you can cripple — or now and again uninstall — the vast majority of the applications that come pre-introduced on your telephone in case you’re not going to utilize them. Simply go to Settings > Apps to see all the applications introduced on your telephone. When you discover an application that you don’t perceive, uninstall or impair it. You can likewise utilize Files by Google to recognize unused applications on your telephone and erase them as required.

See if you have the latest update installed

It’s great practice to ensure your telephone is modern, as most makers will in general take off customary updates containing bug fixes and steadiness upgrades. Google additionally issues month to month security refreshes, which are critical as they offer fixes for security vulnerabilities. While you may not see an enormous contrast in the general client experience when introducing a security fix, real stage updates and upkeep discharges will in general component a clothing rundown of fixes that fundamentally improve the presentation of your smartphone.

Install lightweight versions of apps

In case you’re using a smartphone with constrained memory and capacity, utilizing an inadequately enhanced application can cause a ton of dissatisfactions. Facebook is the ideal case of this, as the application will in general feel drowsy even on a spic and span Pixel 3 XL. On a spending telephone like the Moto G6, the experience will in general be disappointing.

Clean up your home screen

Utilizing a live backdrop will in general moderate things to a slither, especially in case you’re utilizing a spending telephone. In case you’re seeing a great deal of slack when exchanging between applications or when leaving an application to return to the home screen, have a go at changing to a static foundation and check whether it makes a difference.

Optimize your phone’s battery

In the event that you see your telephone’s battery depleting quicker than expected, it’s for the most part down to an errant application hoarding up the CPU cycles. Applications running out of sight likewise will in general go through the battery, so it’s a decent wagered to consistently screen your telephone’s battery use from the settings.

Head into Settings > Battery to find the getting out of hand application, and hit Force prevent to expel it from running out of sight. Gadgets running Pie have a versatile battery mode that screens such movement naturally, yet in case you’re on a more established variant of Android, you ought to physically take a gander at the battery segment

Disable ambient screen

A consistently in plain view proves to be useful in the event that you need to investigate the approaching warnings without opening your telephone, yet the element comes at the expense of battery life. In case you’re seeing a drop-off in your gadget’s battery life, killing surrounding show mode is a simple method to fix the issue.

Don’t Install batter optimizer

This may appear to be nonsensical, yet most “battery fixer” applications do not merit the inconvenience. These “utilities” do simply expel the applications running out of sight and clear your telephone’s reserve, yet you regularly need to manage nosy promotions and even malware. In case you’re seeing consistent log jams and applications set aside a long effort to stack, it’s a superior plan to expel applications running out of sight by hitting the outline catch and clearing them independently. Also, for clearing the reserve, you can generally depend on Files by Google.


Start A Powerful Career With Hi-Tech Institute

Not getting enough ideas how to start a career? Don’t worry, today, I’m going to tell you about the best short-term course and a good Institute.

Are you ready to know?

Let’s get started, it will surely give you a consideration how you can make a splendid career!

You must have noticed how mobile phones are increasing day by day; you can analyze from your home too how mobile phones have increased in your family.

It shows this industry got success, and according to a survey, the prosperity is going to boom.


Mobile Repairing Course

This course covers the locking, unlocking, software, and hardware reset with many other mobile defects.

The other features of the course are as follows:

  • Academic support Materials
  • Get free software and hardware CDs
  • Training in advance infrastructure
  • Get the Diploma Certificate
  • Become mobile Engineer within 90 days

Benefits of Mobile Repairing Course

Mobile repairing course will lead your future with so many benefits. This short-term course will make you an expert.

Sometimes we get afraid of course duration and its fee, this is the industry where you can be capable to earn endless money within only 90 days.

Once course completes or meanwhile you can start earning, this is simple to learn and use on your professional platform.

You can open your own shop, you can go for a full-time job and you also can work as a freelancer.

If you get the good knowledge you can work in a branded company as a trainer that pays good enough.

Become A Successful Professional in Mobile Repairing

With the mobile repairing course, you will be benefited for a bright future. You will see you will be in huge demand and you will never have to go here and there to search the job.

If you’re planning for a business, you can start with a little money. You just need to buy some tools and a place where you could work freely.

Once your work gets familiar and pays you well then you can keep some helpers which creates more possibilities to make money. It means, there is almost a surety of your successful life.

Why Should Join This Course From Hi-Tech Institute?

The Mobile Repairing Course offered by Hi-Tech in Delhi is the highest job oriented course. We have been serving for successive 14 years that’s why we are Ranked No-1 Institute.

We provide a perfect blend of theory and practical that covers all the techniques which are required to become a successful mobile expert. We have a good team of trainers who work dedicatedly to make students specialist.

After completing the course Hi-Tech Institute also provides placement assistance and lifetime technical support.

Most of the students get worried about the fee, so, Hi-Tech made this course so easy so that maximum students join this course and start their bright future. We have an installment scheme.

Here are some of the factors which make us stand apart from other mobile repairing institutes:

  • Free demo class
  • Best industry faculty
  • Dedicated and Supported Staff
  • Career Advice by Experts
  • Training in Small Batches
  • Basic to Advance Level Training
  • Practical hands-on Experience
  • Support for Jobs and Business Set-up
  • Affordable Fee

Some more advantages

  • In addition, our industry connection and 100% of student satisfaction have helped us to become the best mobile repairing Institute.
  • Hi-Tech is a certified mobile repairing Institute, we offer students the opportunity to join mobile repairing courses and become a professional mobile engineer.
  • This course is a short-term technical training that helps students start their career in the mobile repairing sector.
  • The Hi-Tech Certified mobile Repair Institute is highly qualified and pays attention to each type of Mobile troubleshooting.


I hope this article led and relates to your career, now you can take a decision. You came to know how mobile repairing industry is going to boom and need more and more mobile repairing experts.

It means once you get good knowledge and a certificate then you will be in high demand that creates possibilities of good future.

If you also want to be a part of this field then don’t get late to take a good decision. Come and join our demo class that is absolutely free of cost.

To book your seat, kindly contact us on 92 12-411-411.

Start Instant Earning With Laptop Repairing Course

Are you looking for the best vocational course which gives you instant earning option?

Are you looking for a course that gives you a job & business opportunity?

Today, I’m going to write about a course which gives you endless earning opportunities and a secure future. A good & legitimate Institute always plays a vital role in order to build a career.

You can find many institutes but there are very few who remain in their words. If you want to make a career in the laptop repairing Hi-Tech can help you to fulfill your professional desires.

Hi-Tech Institute conducts chip level laptop repairing course in Delhi for students as well as professionals who want to make a career in the laptop repairing world, this is a dynamic career which has been preferred by so many students after completing 10+2 or even after graduation, just because this course has future prospects.

The course covers repair and servicing of all major brands of laptops, if you enroll with hi-tech Institute, we provide knowledge from basic tools and advanced chip level of the motherboard and other aspects.

The laptop repairing course starts with comprehensive and extensive that gives you all the necessary tools so that you never face any issue while laptop repairing.


Once you complete the course, you can make a career either by working as an engineer or you can start your own laptop repair business that will give you a good source of earning.

You can also start online repair service by giving online support across the world that will help you to earn more.

Here are some topics that will cover in the laptop repairing course-

Topics Covered In The Laptop Repairing Course

  • Testing of laptop parts
  • Study of different types of motherboard and various ICs
  • Chip level repair of the motherboard
  • Soldering and Desoldering
  • How to use various laptop repair tools
  • Disassembling and assembling of various models of laptops
  • Detailed study of parts inside a laptop

Installing And Upgrading RAM, HDD, Processor, Etc

  • BIOS configuration
  • Installation of Operating System, software and drivers
  • Diagnosing various problems And much more topics
  • Replacing parts, flex cables LCDs
  • Replacing faulty hinges

This course will teach you to assemble, disassemble and upgrade laptops. It will give you all the necessary knowledge that will be helpful to repair any laptop.

How Hi-Tech Can Help You

  • Free notes
  • Tips, tricks and trade secrets
  • Certificate of completion of the course
  • Free technical assistance and guidance
  • Less theory, more stress on practical
  • Well maintained lab with latest repair tools
  • Comprehensive and advanced syllabus
  • Chip level repair training
  • Training is conducted by expert trainers
  • Training begins from basics

Who Can Join Hi-Tech Institute?

Now you must be thinking that what admission criteria are and who can join Hi-Tech. let me tell you that anybody can join who has the zeal to work with this vibrant industry and has willpower.

If you’re a laptop business owner, you can also add repairs for additional income with your profession.

It also needs a basic knowledge of computer and internet so that you could start fixing laptop easily.


Computer Operating Skills

The Language of instruction:

Hindi and English Languages


3 Months 6 Months

Hi-Tech Institute provides most advanced laptop repairing course to those who want to learn and earn a lot with this dynamic field. Once you complete this course you can start earning instantly either by the full-time job or with your own business. If you’re not looking for a career in this filed you can enroll in this course to add additional skill.

This course is also good for those who don’t want study further; the laptop repair will be interesting and helpful.


  • Efficient Time

There are many benefits, this course has uncountable, however, and I’m mentioning some. The laptop repair course has been the most efficient use of time. The way laptops are being released and population is using them effectively across the world, now students started enrolling with a diploma course in Laptop Repairing, in this course students can learn and earn at the same time.

Now you must be thinking why most of the laptop users are increasing day-to-day, the everyday laptop is being released and in these circumstances, there is need lacs laptop repairing experts. You can utilize your time side by side and earn huge money.

  • Less Cash Investment

If you go for Mobile Repairing Course, it doesn’t need the money to invest. This course charges very less but results are very effective. If you want to start your own business, you just need to spend little money but a giant earning potential is always there.

  • Job Oriented

Mobile Repairing Course is the most job-oriented. In fact, although India is facing unemployment crises, however, Laptop repairing course opened doors at that time when maximum people were struggling to find a job.

Once you complete the course you will not have to wait for the job as the laptop repairing course is in high demand. Most of the people use laptop and we know well how we are dependent on them.

We can do anything through laptop whether online banking, online study, online business and so on. We can see how the internet is using and creating more jobs opportunities.

  • Key to Begin Business

If you’re looking for a business, this is a great hub to start your own business; if you don’t want to go for the job you can start a business. It is easy to start.

After completing the course you can instantly start earning. There are huge earning possibilities which you can get with just a little money investment.

  • Opportunities Never End!

Laptop repairing course gives opportunities that will never get the end; this is the arena where you can also work as a freelancer for various clients and you can earn from home.

This program is a short term diploma course, which helps to build your stable career with endless earning possibilities.

Few More Benefits:

  • Low Fee Structure with Flexible Paying Options
  • Enjoy Quick Earning
  • Perfect Eligibility Conditions
  • Demand for Laptop Engineers
  • Easy Income Source
  • Independent Business Opportunities
  • A Future with Maximum Security

How to fix a Phone Charging Problem?


Are you facing problem in charging your phone?

We have solution for you!!

We always come across the people, who are facing such problems. Sometimes we also encounter these problems. We all must be aware, what role our phones plays in our life. There is no wrong in saying- it is our basic necessity. So, when people find any problem in their phone- they panic and get restless.

But you don’t need to worry at all!!

Here in this article I have mentioned some of the easy steps, which you can use to fix the charging problems of Smart phones.

Fix USB port by yourself

The most easiest and successful solution to fix the problem is by checking metallic surfaces inside the USB port, whether it is making good contact or not. This may happen due to either manufacturing defect or because of the continual plugging and unplugging of the charging cable.

You don’t need to panic, just shut down your phone, and take out your battery. Further use something small like thin needle or toothpick to and adjust little tab inside the USB port carefully.

Switch cables

The most delicate part of the charger is its cable. It breaks due to forced strain. It may be one of the reasons that your phone is not charging. So you replace your charging USB with new one.


Diagnose if you’re using low-quality adapter

If you’re facing problem in charging, it is may be your wall plug adapter. We have seen many cases, where the USB port becomes a little loose after endlessly plugging in and unplugging the cable. So you need diagnose that your charging adapter is compatible to the USB or not.

Replace the battery

Battery life of the phone doesn’t last long, and after the couple of years, the charging potential starts deteriorating. If you’re phone battery is older than two years, you need to replace them with new one. You can easily detect the defective batteries, as they start bulging or leak out.

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Charge from the right source

You should always prefer to charge your phone through a wall socket, rather than charging via PC or laptop, because computers’ USB ports are not powerful source of electricity. It has been scientifically proved that a wall socket can deliver twice as much power as a USB port, and good quality chargers can give as much as five times the power.

You should also check, whether your charger is compatible to your device or not.
fix-phone-charging-mobileSwitch it off

When you use battery-intensive apps/features on your phone while charging, it will have ill effect on your device and it will also slow down the charging potential. So make sure to either you switch off your device or set it on Airplane mode. Your device too needs power nap!!

Hope this article is helpful to you and now you will able to find out the exact problems and can use the above solutions accordingly. Stay tuned with us, we will back with another technical tricks for you.

Learn How to Fix Mobile Repairing Issues

Your satisfaction is our main and primary objective. Mobile repairing business is growing at the same pace as the mobile market. People are using more and more mobile phones with the passage of time. Business of mobile phones is bound to flourish. These electronic gadgets are used in so big quantity. They come up with different types of faults like mobile charging issue, software related faults or hardware component that gets damaged. For all of these concerns, mobile repairing is the destination. There are many online mobile repairing courses and tutorial classes taken, where students who are willing to learn, are taught.


                                                 Common Problem in Mobiles

Let us try to start with the discussion of certain issues that we face while using a phone. The basic and main problem in mobile is the charging issue. It is the most common issue that even I generally face while using my mobile. Charging a phone has always been a task. Every time, it is less charged in comparison to the usage. Although we come across many issues like software problems, jack issues, volume control, touch pads, adapter issue, faulty USB port, unlock ports etc and many more but charging a phone seems the most common concern in this area.

However, these issues can be solved very easily by means of a help or a guide. They are none other than mobile repair technicians who has done mobile repairing courses. Now, they are capable enough to solve such problems. Examine how you can learn how to fix mobile repairing issues:

  • Examine the charging cable properly:

It has many a times happened; we do not check the charging cable of our mobile phones. In most of the cases, charging cable has the issue in charging a phone. The cable may be curled, jingled, distorted or may not be working in proper state in order to charge the mobile properly. One must try inserting and using a new charging cable. It may charge your phone. If not, get your phone to a mobile repair technician who can check the fault in a better way.

  • Try a new USB port:

This is a simple and easy repairing method of mobile. Sometimes, there have been cases when USB port does not connect properly. So, the charger does not connect well too. To charge a phone, it is necessary to connect USB wire to the charger in correct way. In this situation, it is advised to get the phone to mobile repairing technician in order to get it easily repaired.

  • Turn-off your mobile and restart:

This is the simplest method of all. This trick works out when everything seems useless. (Even phone). It is easy to switch off your phone. By doing this, you will kill the unwanted data running in background. This will also clear extra applications running. Clearing off the data will make the phone easy to work.

If you cannot do anything, go to a mobile repair technician. He can surely resolve the issue.

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Some Misconceptions About Mobile Repairing

Mobile devices and mobile repairing are quite popular. With the onset of mobile devices in so much of use, business of repairing phones has taken a great turn. It seems a revolution has come where mobile market has taken over everything.

Whenever a mobile stops functioning, you feel worried how to get it repaired. Nowadays it seems difficult to get your issue fixed because of many reasons. You need to educate yourself a bit on certain points. Know some details about mobile repairing and clear your misconceptions regarding mobile repairing business.


Without any further delay, let us discuss the areas where you can misunderstand the mobile repairing:

It could be expensive to get your phone repaired:

It is a myth that every time, you take your phone for repairing, it will cost you much. This is quite subjective and an individual or personal opinion. Cost of the service depends upon the fault in your phone. Keeping the thought initially that this would be costing you much would actually drain your senses.

Your fault cannot be fixed:

All you need to do is to find a suitable shop or a technician who can guide you properly. Mobile repairing is easy but finding someone suitable for your fault can be hard at times but not impossible. It is a promise. Remove this misconception from your mind that your phone cannot be repaired. There is a solution to every problem now.

Only technicians can repair the fault in mobiles:

This is again a misconception that only experts, professionals or specified technicians. You can sometimes take your phone to a nearby repairing shop which might not be certified but yes, they will also resolve the matter properly. Better is, it is safe to consult your neighbours and residents around before trusting any shop for your phone. Check online reviews if possible.

Resolving the issue on your own:

Every time you cannot be perfect in just resolving the mobile issues. Situations where you cannot understand what the real fault is, you will not be able to do anything.


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Complete Overview Of Samsung Galaxy J7

Many new mobile phones are launched every next day. Keeping in view the preference and wants of the customers, Samsung works on its devices. This time a fantastic phone is launched and that is, Samsung Galaxy J7. This phone is running successful throughout the market since a long time. Samsung Galaxy J7 is a smart phone, which was launched in June 2015. Its price starts from Rs.13350.


  • The screen measures as 6.0 by 3.1 by o.3 inches and 6.0 ounces. This phone, Samsung Galaxy J7 is a bigger version of Samsung Galaxy J3. The phone comes with a 5.50-inch touch screen display. It has a resolution of 720 pixels by 1280 pixels. The RAM stands as 1.5 GB. The phone packs 16 GB of internal storage which is expandable to 128 GB via extra micro SD Card.
  • If you are concerned about the camera, then you do not have to worry. Samsung Galaxy J7 has a camera of 13-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 5-megapixel front shooter for Selfies. The phone runs Android of 5.1 and is powered by 3000MAH battery which is removable.
  • The phone Samsung Galaxy J7 is awesome if you are thinking to purchase a phone under the range of 15K. It comes with different qualities and unique features.
  • Being equipped with so many good featured qualities, price ranges very nominal for everybody. Talking about flash quality, I guess this would be the first handset to offer flashlight in front camera. Camera quality is simply brilliant. Front flash is the unique feature of this phone.
  • Performance of this phone is good. Samsung Galaxy J7 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor. Multi-tasking and launching applications are smooth. There is no as such hanging issue. Interesting is, the larger capacity has not come up with the large expense rate.
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 has joined the growing rank of new phones shipping with the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software. J7 is a best buy under 15k. Due to improved materials and lighter components, the new Samsung Galaxy J7 is considered a brilliant and outstanding model.

Reviews from people are very positive. They say, holding Samsung Galaxy J7 is a pleasure. Metal frame and solid weight makes up a good deal. It feels great holding this phone in hand.

SAMSUNG GALAXY J7 – User Opinions and ReviewsRead more

Quick steps to follow when your Android Phone is Stolen


I guess, it is hard to imagine a second without your android phone. This phone works as a photo album, Wikipedia, runs Google, takes pictures, creates memories, and stores million of data. In simple words, it is a device used for multiple uses. It is the most convenient and affordable gadget that ranges differently according to the need of the people.

In case, such useful gadget is lost. I mean, you lose your android phone somewhere.  May be while shopping, or leaving a restaurant and forgetting the phone there. Imagine, being in metro, say you are travelling and after some moment, you realise that your phone is missing. You have lost it somewhere.


To know what to do in such a situation, read the article further. Follow the below mentioned steps that will help you recover your lost phone.


Pic Credit –

1. First, buzz your own number with some different phone numbers. Some saved contacts and some unsaved contacts will work. It might be that your phone is actually not stolen but you left it somewhere. A good soul may be around who will tell you the place where you left your phone. Try your luck.

2. In case, you feel that you did not leave your phone anywhere. Rather, someone has stolen it. Then you need to follow a different path. After calling your own phone, in case nobody picks the call, this is the time to search for your phone in a different way.

3. Try to track your mobile phone with the Android Device Manager. Access ADM with the Google‘s web portal. The map would be indicating the last known position of your device. Locate your mobile phone on the phone, and know the exact location of your phone. This will let you know where the actual phone is.

4. If the position is odd, and you have never been to that place. Then you have to seek help from someone else.

5. Deactivate your phone with your wireless provider. This is done to prevent the thief using your personal data and charging your bills.

Make sure, you file a police report also. It is better to inform them. If in case, your phone is used for some terrorist activity, you will not be doubted afterwards.

Inform your friends, family, and relatives of the theft. This will help you locating your phone more easily.

Follow the steps that are being mentioned. This will surely help you regain your stolen phone. be careful and a bit clever.


Want to Know the benefits of Short term Courses in Laptop Repairing Technology Click Here. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Technology, Explained

We are in the 21st-century era where things are not just moving, rather running. Every new day, there is something new invented or launched in the market with the development in science and technology. We have gone far from the old traditional ways of connecting to people. We are now groomed well and scientifically trained. We use gadgets, which are convenient to use. Mobile phones have made our lives easy. Mobile Technology has made it possible.


What is Mobile Technology?

As the name is signifying, mobile technology is that technology which is movable or portable. It includes all those technical gadgets and modern devices which are handy to carry. They are convenient to use. Moreover, they make work easy. You can use them for your multiple tasks. Laptops, mobiles, computers, tablets, and smartphones (Android IOS phones) are a few examples that I can cite in the category of Mobile technology.

For instance, texting messaging, web browsing, being socially connected to people, video gaming system, Bluetooth, GPS navigation system, and much more. Mobile technology and mobile repairing are spreading like a fragrance which attracts a handful of people easily. Development in mobile technology has made the mobile repairing prominent.

Let us now know the details of mobile technology and why are they in so much demand?


It helps in communicating with people around. In case, you are working, mobile technology has made this possible. It has brought people together. You can easily go online with your mobile devices and reach across different countries of the world.

It doesn’t matter what device you work with, it is meant to lower down your stress level. it is made to make your work easy. It helps you become more productive and efficient.

What this technology can do, is a vast concept. Mobile technology is growing rapidly. You have ample sources of earning good with means of mobile repairing. work on your efficiency level and be a mobile repairing engineer


Use of INTERNET makes it dangerous for you to secure your phones from viruses. On the internet, you need to check the privacy issues. It is important to maintain privacy while using the internet.

Using a mobile phone, always make you connected and available to people. It sometimes becomes a headache because you are answerable every time. At times, you want to be peaceful and need space. But this device does not let you feel so.

Accidents are caused daily due to the distractions caused because of mobile devices. Mobile repairing is getting in trend but these disadvantages of mobile devices make them a lost spring.